Maintenance of a WordPress website

Regular maintenance of WordPress websites is a responsible and sometimes difficult task. It takes time and resources, which not everyone has.

What does the service include?

  • Updating themes and plugins;
  • Upime monitoring;
  • Rapid response in case of technical problems;
  • Periodic backups (daily or weekly);
  • Site recovery in case of crash and data loss;
  • Diagnostics and tests of the website if it is not created by us;

In our opinion, the regular maintenance of a WordPress website is among the most underestimated aspects of its existence. People think this is unimportant, but the system and its individual plugins are constantly developing. If you do not update them regularly, there is a great chance that you are missing important improvements, or worse – risking hacking or malware infection. And if you think we’re bluffing, check out here what fixes and functions are included in any new version of WordPress.

We are fully aware that regular maintenance of a WordPress website is a very responsible and difficult task and because it takes time and resources that not everyone has, we offer to do this task for you. We can save you time, money and nerves.

Types of subscriptions for support


13 €/hour

Hire us only when you need us. We have chosen the service Clockify, to detect and present time worked. You can also check it online.


30 €/month

This subscription plan is much cheaper than the hourly option. It is for customers who want to leave the care of their WordPress websites to our team.


300 €/year

And, of course, a subscription suitable for customers who have full confidence in us and want to forget about potential problems with their WordPress site through the year.

Do you need this service?