Space Challenges Website

The mission of “Space Challenges” is to support a new generation of young scientists and technologists.

Космически предизвикателства (Space Challenges)

The mission of “Space Challenges” is to support the development of a generation of young entrepreneurs and technologists who are trained in the best practices in space research and advanced technologies.

At the beginning of the program we were attracted to the team from its founder – Raycho Raichev, and together we’ve set the new vision of “Space Challenges” and “Space Challenges Junior” websites.

Website of Space Challenges uses the theme “The Grid”, which differs with its square and movable elements with information. We have made a lot of modifications to it so that it meets the needs and requirements of the program.

Alongside “Space Challenges” and “Space Challenges Junior” websites we’ve helped to create several side projects – Enduro Sat, Tomorrows World, GNSS Knowledge Center and Special Concepts.

Currently, the site is no longer maintained by us.

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